Lead Product Designer

We are looking for a founding Lead Product Designer to craft the future of how companies and creators interact with their communities and build the design culture and team at Garnet. You will be involved in all parts of the product development process, working closely with the founders and product leads to shape the vision and roadmap for our product. We want a Lead Product Designer who is a self-starter, excited to embrace the unknown, work with an incredible team, and lead the culture of design and culture of the company within Garnet.

What you’ll do

  • Shape product strategy and vision
  • Innovate on a novel & complex video-centered product. Take something from zero to one.
  • Build and lead the design culture within the company
  • Design and iterate on features that ship quickly
  • Create flows, assets, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals for features
  • Drive all aspects of the design process (i.e. research, data analysis, competitive analysis, marketing, etc.)
  • Collaborate with engineers to ensure high-quality implementation
  • Collaborate with founders and product team to identify and solve user and business needs

What we’re looking for

  • Self-starter, adaptable, autonomous
  • User-centric and data-driven design
  • Skilled with complex and novel UX
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Curious and humble
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Unafraid to make big bets and embrace the unknown
  • Express and share ideas through prototyping and code

Email us at [email protected] with your resume to apply!