The future was supposed to be simple, right? 🤔 Access anything in the world in a single click. 🖱 Connect with anyone, anywhere, without delay. 🌎 Then came the apps. 📲 Zoom, Discord, Slack, Donut, Hopin... single uses, many logins, many links. 😓 Coordination became hard. Communities became disjointed. But then came Garnet. One app to rule them all unite your community. Chat, video, games, events, icebreakers, you name it. All in one app. It's time for the future to be simple again.

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What can you do with Garnet?

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Hold virtual fireside chats

Running a panel, fireside chat, or audio room has never been easier. This room comes complete with hand-raising and Q&A and a virtual stage allowing your audience to focus on the speakers.

Run an icebreakers event

Large rooms get overwhelming and meaningful connection online can be tough. Make it easier by throwing in Icebreakers, a room that pairs guests with question cards to bring people closer once again.

Instant Course

Learning is best with dynamic interactions and environments. Watching the same screen over and over for every course or lesson will not help people retain what they learned. Connect with your students effectively with our dynamic platform, and let them share with eachother in a community, all in the same environment.

Dynamic Chat

Text chat is a great way to communicate with people asynchronously. We support that too! Add chat to enhance a video/audio room, or make it a standalone chat room. Our platform encourages flexibility to suit your needs, your way.

Endless Solutions

Countless dynamic add-ons allow you to customize your experience the way you imagine. With these building blocks, your venue will support any use-case you and your community could need.

Get your webcam ready.